Technology to create bespoke solutions

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L3 MacDonald Humfrey Automation highlighted the way it extends its customer offering with the use of virtual reality when it comes to bespoke solutions, while SP Technology showed a bespoke demo machine, the  eXtended Transport System.

Before providing a bespoke solution, L3 MacDonald enables the customer to view the solution action by bringing together the physical and digital stimulations of the product. The design model is aligned with the point cloud and an intelligent model is added to generate a replica of how the final product will appear.

The operator can interact with it from a screen and see all the components and machines working together, as well as using virtual reality. The VR headset allows operators to be trained ahead of implementation of the solution.

Likewise, by bringing together the digital and physical replicas to an interactive platform means that there are no geographical restrictions when working to produce the automation solution, said automation systems manager Will Watt. This enables multiple people to be interacting with the platform from multiple locations or from one office. This speeds up and simplifies the bespoke process.

The AR solution is an extra stop in interaction, continued Watt, and provides a smooth transition for operators as they can engage with the solution before it lands, providing then necessary training and maintenance skills. In essence, L3 MacDonald Humfrey has “automated the manufacturing of the digital world,” said Watt. And this has been a three to four year journey.

* SP Technology showed its bespoke demo machine, the eXtended Transport System, in collaboration with Beckhoff.

The aim of the demo machine is to start a conversation and to show the quality of bespoke solutions offered by SP technology. And it does not disappoint – the machine provide an example of how versatile automation solutions can be, built to manufacture anything from contact lenses to putting stress balls in cups.

“The great thing about bespoke automation is that we can incorporate the latest technologies into our machines, said SP Technology. “The eXtended Transport System (XTS) from Beckhoff Automation combines the advantages of rotary and linear drive principles in a single system, opening the door to completely new ways of implementing compact and highly dynamic machine concepts.”

SP Technology provides a complete turnkey package, providing solutions across the UK and complete after care and installation. Solutions range from £2,000 to £2 million.

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