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Regular readers of Logistics Manager may notice a change this week. I am not Malory Davies. Many of you I am sure will know that Malory has retired… and we wish him all the best as he adjusts to life beyond logistics.

So allow me to introduce myself as the latest editor of Logistics Manager: I’m Christopher Walton. Some of you may know me from my previous life reporting on all things road transport related, which I did for 11 years. During that time I did my fair share of tours of big sheds, super hubs and even some small sheds… I’ve met many a road haulier, but also those who would describe themselves as a 3PL, or a logistics supplier. I’ve scrutinised the performance of these firms, I’ve broken many stories and interviewed many of the senior managers in the sector along the way.

Yet somehow it feels like I’ve just touched the surface. There is a whole other world of logistics out there beyond stuff that is shifted on a vehicle of 3.5-tonnes GVW or above, and I cannot wait to discover more.

I’m incredibly fortunate to begin my time on Logistics Manager just as logistics is at the forefront of the national conscience. As Malory said in this column last week, supply chain is an increasingly political issue. Take the headline hitting argument yesterday over the supply of medicines post-Brexit; be it the availability of space for stockpiling or the free-flow of goods between the UK and the EU, we’re probably on the verge of an election where this will be a major issue for voters. That is a particularly unique set of circumstances that I’ve never seen in my life-time.

Yet if I’ve come to learn anything about the UK logistics sector, it is that it is full of the most amazing, creative and resilient professionals in the country. Goods will get moved from A to B, all people need to know is the rules of doing so.

It is an absolute privilege for me to be editor of this fantastic title and it is my promise to every reader that I will give it my all to give you the very best news and analysis of this sector that you deserve.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes following my appointment. Logistics people really are the best!

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