UK Mail disputes union claims about driver pay cut

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UK Mail has disputed claims by the GMB that drivers have been forced to accept a pay cut of £2,000.

The GMB claimed that UK Mail told drivers based at 55 sites to “sign a contract, under duress, detailing the £2,000 pay cut – or their services will no be longer required.”

UK Mail, which was taken over by DHL in 2016, said: “Due to a significant increase in the number of parcels UK Mail is carrying, the earnings of self-employed drivers, who are paid per delivery stop, have gone up correspondingly over the last year and that volume is forecast to increase further in 2018.

“To be able to offer customers the competitive prices they demand, we have renegotiated our parcel delivery rate with drivers. But due to the increase in volumes carried by each courier the overall amount they can earn will on average go up without having to travel further or incur additional costs.”

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