UK will lose out from runway delay, says CBI

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The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said that the delay of the decision about where the UK’s airport expansion should be located will “see Germany and France beat UK economy”.

The government announced it would delay the decision again until a new prime minister is appointed.

Paul Drechsler, President of the CBI, said it had found that by 2030, better capacity will see German trade with the BRIC economies grow by £15 billion, while French trade will grow by £7.5billion.

“More than ever before, it is absolutely critical that the Government sends a signal, loud and clear, that the UK is open for trade with markets across the globe,” said Drechsler. “Building a new runway in the South East is a key decision for the long-term future of our economy and country, and will demonstrate to, and reassure, Britain’s workers, makers, exporters and investors that the UK is open for business.

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