Anti-siphon system

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TISS has launched an improved version of its TankSafe “Standard” anti-siphon.

Managing director Ryan Wholey, TISS’ commented: “excellence is our core value, our business aims at perfection in every single aspect. Despite the original TankSafe ‘Standard’ anti-siphon being a very successful product, we are delighted that the product has been enhanced further and it is NOW an even better deterrent to third party fuel theft.”

The new unit has a solid, patent-pending ‘dome’ base, making it more resistant to attack. TISS says that because it sits higher in the chamber, it adds 27 per cent more siphoning protection than the previous TISS design and 30 per cent more than TISS’ nearest competitor.

As well as preventing third party fuel theft, the new unit minimises fuel skimming because its neck is just three inches long, the company says.

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