American chills out

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American Airlines Cargo has launched an express temperature-controlled service – ExpediteTC following a trial in the early summer across ten international routes.

The airline offers a 100 per cent flown-as-booked guarantee, in addition to the specialised handling, monitoring and tracking. Shipments receive specialized handling and each shipment is tracked via AA Cargo’s monitoring system throughout transit.

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“When you launch a premium service, you need to be confident you are delivering exactly what is required to meet customer expectations,” said Dave Brooks, president of American Airlines Cargo Division. “That is why we invested a significant amount of time in the engineering of our procedures, automation and training to provide our customers of high-value perishables a reliable, proven service.”

AA Cargo worked closely with specialist container manufacturer Envirotainer to offer three container types. Customer can determine the internal temperature – within a range of -20C to +20C. These temperature conditions are particularly valuable to shippers of pharmaceuticals and other high-value perishables.

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