Evolution Time Critical saves car maker 2m euros

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Evolution Time Critical has helped save a car manufacturer two million euros in stoppage time after delivering car parts from Poland to Turkey.

The delivery prevented the manufacturer from stopping production by using a combination of road, air charter and onboard courier to transport 20 boxes of seat belt retractors.

The parts originally delivered were faulty and waiting for a standard delivery would delay production by two days.

Halting the line would have created a potential bill of one million euros per day for the line.

Evolution Time Critical responded to the enquiry within 15 minutes organised for the 20 boxes of parts to be collected immediately and driven to a regional airport in Wroclaw.

Due to recent changes in Turkish legislation, arranging immediate traffic rights for a direct charter wasn’t possible and there weren’t any aircraft operating from Wroclaw to Turkey.

Instead the company had to find a flight which had the capacity to carry the entire shipment but which departed late enough to allow for the transfer from Wroclaw.

A flight from Berlin was identified and immediate transfer from Wroclaw to Berlin by air charter was arranged. Simultaneously, the team organised for an onboard courier from its bank of global contacts to meet the charter upon arrival in Berlin, and accompany the shipment on its onward scheduled flight to Turkey.

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After clearing customs the shipment was taken to the component manufacturer for delivery by noon.

In the meantime, a convoy of taxis was waiting at the component manufacturer’s factory to deliver the completed parts to the carmaker as they exited the production line.

The shipment was delivered in full in less than 20 hours.


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