Only 21pc of transport SMEs expect driverless vehicles

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Only 21 per cent of transport SMEs expect to see widespread use of driverless vehicles, according to new research from Close Brothers Asset Finance.

26 per cent of those surveyed said that it was too early to tell whether transport will be impacted by driverless vehicles. 53 per cent said they wouldn’t have an impact.

31 per cent of transport SMEs felt that driverless cars would be a threat, 27 per cent said they would be an opportunity, while 42 per cent said neither.

“The government has ambitious plans to invest in the sector,” said Neil Davies, CEO, Close Brothers Asset Finance. “But what our research shows is that the jury is, in effect, still out, for most business owners.

“Until there is more progress made on autonomous vehicle technology, there is going to be a natural scepticism among business owners about the likelihood of the widespread use of driverless cars.”

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