Waberer sets up UK subsidiary in Felixstowe

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Waberer has set up a subsidiary in Felixstowe to accommodate its growing business interests in the UK, which were up 15 per cent year-on-year in 2013.

The trucking firm has had a strong business presence in the UK for several decades, transporting an average of 700 full truck loads per week from the UK’s industrial and commercial centres.

Ferenc Lajkó, Waberer deputy CEO, said: “By the establishment of the subsidiary in Suffolk, we move closer to our customers and will understand their needs for transport and logistics services even better. This is essential for us to provide optimum services to all our British clients.”

The UK not only represents one of the largest markets for Waberer, it accounts for over 15 per cent of all European FTL revenues.

Newly appointed development director of Waberer UK, Douglas French, said: “The capacity is ensured by the parent company through continuous acquisition of vehicles. In 2014, Waberer’s will further update and expand its fleet with 1,300 new, environment-friendly trucks.”

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