Easier supply chain monitoring

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Trading partners in the automotive

industry can now enjoy significant

benefits of standardised Supply

Chain Monitoring (SCMo) in the

future following the publication of

their latest Odette standard. SCMo

is a multi-level supply chain

management concept that supports

the fulfilment/execution process and is an add-on to existing ERP systems.

Odette International is the non-profit making organisation formed by the automotive sector which sets the standards for the electronic communications and logistics processes that link 4,000-plus businesses in the European motor industry with their global trading partners.

The organisation’s new recommendation includes detailed business process descriptions, functionalities and data descriptions. It says that the recommendation will mean difficult to manage supply networks will gain from:

l Smooth and secure supply with minimal safety inventories.

l Increased speed and flexibility.

l Reduction of premium freight.

l Reduction of non-value-adding costs.

l Best practice approach from automotive industry experts.

l Avoidance of scrap due to obsolescence.

l A clear roadmap for software

providers, marketplaces and decision

makers in the automotive industry.

Odette says that the main benefit

of SCMo is the speed of information

flow and the cross-company

visibility and synchronisation.

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