Containers cut packaging waste

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n Moulded plastics manufacturer Bolton Plastic Components (BPCL) has teamed up with materials handling specialist Allibert Buckhorn to design and implement a new automotive distribution system for the supply of parts to Land Rover in Solihull. The new system, which distributes custom moulded plastic ducting products, uses Allibert Buckhorn’s Euro containers together with Packpal pallets and lids.

n Barry Spink, business development manager at BPCL, says: “Our relationship with Allibert Buckhorn goes back many years, but it’s the first time we’ve used this type of packaging. We needed to devise a system whereby our blow moulded ducting could efficiently and safely be transported to system integrators SAS, who are based within the Land Rover plants, to Faurecia at Fradley, where the instrument panels for the new Land Rover Discovery are made.”

n He continues: “We needed a durable container which would allow us to distribute ten or 12 boxes per pallet for our daily shipment, with the containers then returned for reuse. We had an idea of what we needed, but talked to the Allibert Buckhorn team to finalise exact product requirements. Allibert then provided us with samples of the Euro Containers and pallets so that we could trial the system before purchasing our full order of 2,500 containers.”

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