Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Manoeuvrable tractors make access easier

Having evaluated an Iveco Eurocargo Urban Artic in its 1,000 fleet of vehicles, drinks logistics provider Tradeteam has been supplied with 26 extra units to enable monitoring at a larger number of sites.

Tradeteam, part of Exel, is using the Eurocargo 230E24T/P 4×2 Urban Artics together with ultra-low deck trailers which make them ideal for operations in the brewery trade. Plated to operate at up to 23 tonnes and with a wheelbase of just 2,632mm, the Eurocargo Urban Artics each have a low fifth wheel height of 1,043mm when unladen.

Nigel Bailey, engineering operations manager at Exel, says: “The Eurocargo Urban Artics fit well with our requirement for a highly manoeuvrable tractor unit which makes getting access to restricted urban locations, such as high street pubs and clubs, that much easier.”

Supplied by Blackwell-based Sherwood Commercials, the vehicles will operate five days a week and are expected to cover up to 32,000 miles a year.