Mezzlift gives visibility for bulky loads

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n A special Mezzlift platform lift from Penny Hydraulics is providing Suffolk Community Equipment Service (SCES) with a safe and efficient way of handling a variety of large and small loads between ground and mezzanine level at its distribution centre in Beccles. SCES chose the Penny Hydraulics solution because it met its specific needs for handling bulky 300kg loads to the 3.2m height of the mezzanine.

n Bob Hale, service manager for SCES, explains: “We wanted a solution that was easy to use and didn’t take up too much space. Penny Hydraulics worked closely with us to help devise an application that met our requirements. The Mezzlift is ideal for our needs.”

n SCES stores and distributes a range of medical equipment for use by the public in the community throughout the county. The service is managed by Central Suffolk Primary Care Trust on behalf of Suffolk Social Care Services and the NHS trusts in the county. The warehouse in Beccles incorporates a mezzanine floor where items are stored. When a clinician determines that a client needs a particular piece of equipment an order is placed with SCES and the item is picked by warehouse staff and transferred to the ground floor ready for delivery using its fleet of vehicles. Once items are no longer needed by patients they are collected by the service and recycled for further use.

n The organisation wanted a solution that could cope with a range of load sizes and weights and was easy-to-use. SCES discussed its requirements with Penny Hydraulics and this led to a concept based on the Mezzlift platform lift to handle 300kg loads sized up to 1m x 1.5m to the full 3.2m height of the mezzanine. It also had to be equipped with a safety cage to protect operators and loads.

n “One of the advantages of this type of lift is that the goods are always visible so we can see what’s going on,” says Hale. “We had ramps fitted so that items can be rolled on and off easily. All of this helps make it very safe way to operate the lift.”

n The Mezzlift in the warehouse is used to handle a wide range of items including beds, commodes, patient hoists, and walking frames. Large and bulky items are handled on their own while small or loose items are placed in special bins for easier handling.

n “We use it every day to handle all kinds of item to and from the mezzanine where our staff do their order picking,” says Hale.

n The lifting speed of 0.5m/s means that the distance between the floor and mezzanine at the Beccles warehouse is covered in just over six seconds.

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