Pallet racking covers diverse product range

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Cottam Power Station can now itemise, label and store a diverse range of products in designated areas having installed a new pallet racking system from Warehouse Systems. The development follows the need by EDF Energy group subsidiary Cottam to modernise its storage to improve efficiency, accuracy and safety.

Comprising two large high-walled warehouses supplemented by outdoor yards for external storage, the existing complex did not have a proper storage system in place. This was compounded by the fact that a wide variety of different shaped goods – some weighing up to a tonne each – were being stored. Also, the poor condition of pallets being used meant they were often not strong enough to support the required weights.

Items such as boiler inspection doors, large electric motors and pipe couplings were stored together, either stacked on the floor or on broken pallets.

Warehouse Systems proposed an initial installation of about 200 pallet locations to help Cottam itemise, label and store products in designated positions. Individual bays of standard pallet racking accommodate heavy products, where many pallets weigh up to two tonnes, while lighter products weighing up to one tonne and stored in larger quantities are moved four-deep into push-back racking. Pallets are gravity-fed on rollers or trolleys, and are accessible by level.

Tubular products are now stored in cantilever racking, designed to hold up to four tonnes per 8m level and with arms set up to accept both 6m and 8m bundles weighing up to two tonnes each.

Warehouse Systems also designed a wooden pallet to support two-tonne loads on racking beams, as well as one-tonne loads on push-back racking and point loads from couplings and other oddly-shaped valves.

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