Transporter offers “Superior Traction”

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The latest of Atlet’s new generation powered pallet transporters is now available. Called Presto PLP, the pedestrian/stand-on truck offers high performance with a patented system to give superior traction and heightened stability. It features a “unique” tiller steer-arm which incorporates a computer giving PIN access and enabling the truck’s driving characteristics to be programmed. The truck is also equipped with Atlet’s new TRAC (Truck Remote Access) system by which diagnostic tasks are carried out by linking it through an ordinary mobile phone to the manufacturer’s remote service centre computer.

The truck is available with capacities of 2,000kg and 2,500kg, and can travel at speeds up to 12km/h. It is designed to load and unload lorries across dock levellers and for medium- to long-distance transport within warehouses and factories.

For further information, tel: 01844 215501.

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