Plastic pallet aids packaging

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With UK exporters facing price increases and long lead times for ISPM 15 – compliant timber pallets, Crocodile Packaging has introduced a range of plastic pallets to provide viable, cost-effective alternatives to wooden packaging. The pallets, called Petex and Petrak, are specifically aimed at companies wishing to ship product to countries that have adopted the new ISPM 15 regulations whilst keeping control over packaging quality and costs.

Crocodile claims that the Petex export pallets are the strongest budget-priced pallets available and expects huge demand for a product that will outperform many timber pallets yet is priced at a similar level.

The ISPM-15 landing requirement for wood packaging material, which has recently been adopted by the US, is designed to halt the spread of disease carried by certain species of insects.

Petex lightweight plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 requirements and are available in two standard sizes – 1,200 x 800mm and 1,200 x 1,000mm. Made from recycled plastic they can be re-used time and again, and can also be recycled for further use, thereby making them a totally environmentally-sound packaging option. The novel design of the Petex range provides immense strength and enables pallets to ‘nest’ together for fast, easy storage and maximum space use.

Petrak pallets are manufactured from recycled PET material and are also not subject to ISPM 15 rules. They will appeal to businesses that need to store product in racking and then use the same pallets for exporting.

For further information, tel: 01793 821555.

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