IT Update (2)

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SupplyOn, the Internet platform for the automotive industry, has a new version of its procurement solution SupplyOn Soucing 3.2, offering numerous functional improvements as well as supporting a strongly process-oriented use. Three SupplyOn services – Sourcing, Performance Monitor and Document Manage – are combined in one infrastructure together with joint user management. Functional improvements include an option whereby suppliers can define key account users for certain customers; offers can be made in another currency; and suppliers can send a negative reply for individual items.

Freight Global Logistics (FGL) is using a new mobile computing solution from Sandpiper Corporation, and its software partner, Mandata. A new deal between FGL and extrusion windows and door systems manufacturer Permacell Finesse involves managing the distribution and tracking of customer inventory as well as asset management of Permacell’s bespoke safe-transport stillages. The mobile computing solution includes Intermec 760 handheld mobile computers equipped with WWAM GPS data communications, barcode scanners and GPS tracking receivers with Mandata’s adapted ManPack3 to facilitate real-time visibility of inventory and assets.

Deltion has launched one of the first web-based collaborative software platforms that give real-time operational visibility over all transactions. The state-of-the-art platform offers cost-effective management of data across the supply chain by providing a common view of resources and one view of the business, creating a highly visible and collaborative supply chain. All parties use the same secure platform over the Internet or Intranet, providing each with the same critical data. The system enables orders to be booked; track and trace enquiries to be made; load planning; and POD details to be entered online.

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