Eco-friendly packaging route developed

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Budgens Stores has awarded a multimillion, four-year contract to Hays Logistics involving returnable transit packaging (RTP). Rather than using one-trip disposable cartons, fresh produce and chilled goods suppliers now collect and hire black crates from Hays via the 3PL’s Asset Control Solution division’s Milton Keynes wash centre.

The crates are being used for fruit, vegetables, poultry and other similar foods.

When delivered to Budgens’ outlets, some of the crates will be used in-store for display, after which they will be transported with all other empty units to the retailer’s Wellingborough distribution centre. Hays

then shuttles the crates back to the nearby wash centre.

Steve Carter, Budgens’ senior trading controller, says: “RTP is definitely the way forward for responsible retailers. The crates are more hygienic than the alternatives, their re-use for many years is extremely environmentally-friendly, and if there is a good IT system in place to “work” each unit then the option is even more financially attractive than cardboard packaging.”

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