Four more deals for P&O Ferrymasters

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Pilkington Automotive, Ricoh, Bacardi-Martini Group and Nestlé Waters have awarded major contracts to P&O Ferrymasters.

The multimillion euro contract with automotive glazing manufacturer Pilkington entails Ferrymasters handling the European just-in-time (JIT) distribution of toughened and laminated glass to vehicle manufacturers, as well as the expanding aftermarket operations that replace the full range of glazing systems for cars and commercial vehicles.

Apart from the UK, Pilkington also manufactures in Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland so Ferrymasters looks after cross-border replenishment and select original equipment shipments to the trackside. Moving the delicate glass involves road transport to strategic European hubs and Ferrymasters’ intermodal capability, particularly for longer shipments into southern Europe.

Ferrymasters is also providing European distribution for Ricoh, which specialises in digital office solutions, by transporting copier machines and consumables from manufacturing centres in the Midlands to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. European freight management specialist Ferrymasters collects predominantly new copier machines from Ricoh’s Telford site and consumables, such as toner cartridges, from its Wellingborough facility and delivering up to 800 loads a year to regional distribution centres (RDCs) in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Bacardi-Martini deal entails Ferrymasters transporting all eight flavours of the Bacardi Breezer drink from Southampton to Italy, while the Nestlé deal involves the distribution of leading brand name bottled mineral waters from France and Italy across the UK.

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