AutoStore unveils innovation hub which replicates earthquakes

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Robotic technology company, AutoStore has created an innovation hub in Norway to test and replicate different supply chain environments.

AutoStore is experiencing a continued growth in revenue and clients. The robotics company has therefore sought to create a testing facility that can allow for faster fitting of automated systems for its clients in order to keep up with demand.

The facility was constructed in seven months and is fitted with a combination of robotic technology and infrastructure for supply chain and retail facilities.

The facility’s environment can also be adjusted to allow the robots to be tested in both hot and cold conditions, analysing how the oxygen level changes when goods are stacked within storage systems. The Hub also simulates earthquakes to see how warehouse and store technology would respond to potentially harmful situations, as well as a number of other functions.

Karl Johan Lier, CEO of AutoStore said: “We identified the need to test solutions under a number of different situations, but we could not set up a test centre for cold environments, one for heat, and at the same time one for a modern store solution, one for medical storage and so on.

“Therefore, we set up a centre where we could simulate different situations and different needs. This agile approach offers our clients competitive market advantage, and places them at the heart of new innovations within the sector that can propel them forward.”

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