Friday 25th May 2018 - Logistics Manager

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JWT increases capacity at Liverpool

Container haulage company JWT Haulage has increased its storage capacity by 4-5 acres at the Port of Liverpool to support shipments by major retail clients such as B&M, and to provide transport and storage for major shipping lines coming into the port.

More short sea for Thamesport

A2B-online Container has added a fourth weekly sailing to its service between Thamesport and Moerdijk in The Netherlands.

Maersk rearranges finance and IT

Maersk is changing the areas of finance, transformation, IT and digital from one function into two. The first will be a fully focussed finance function, and the second is focuses on IT, strategy, digital and transformation.

P&O opens warehouse at Liverpool Port

P&O Ferrymasters has opened a warehouse at Liverpool Port. The new facility will be for cross docking operations and to feed its connection with P&O Ferries’ Liverpool-Dublin sailings.