Coming of age

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Tonight the Supply Chain Excellence Awards come of age – this is the 21st Awards.

Malory Davies, Editor.

And the fact that there are a record number of entries on the shortlist this year reflects the importance companies now place on their supply chains.

Tonight’s winners will join a select group, including: major motor manufacturers such as MAN, and Jaguar Land Rover; technology leaders such as Dell and Infineon; and retailers such as Primark and Waterstones. The entries this year include examples of excellence from all these sectors.

The judging process is famously challenging. Entrants must make a presentation to a panel of senior supply chain professionals who can, and do, ask some extremely searching questions.

For the judges, it is always impressive to see the expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm of the entrants. Not only that, the process gives invaluable insights into the day to day challenges facing industry professionals in a rapidly changing business environment.

Awards inevitably have winners and losers, but all the shortlisted companies can be proud of what they have achieved. And tonight will be a massive celebration of all that is best in our industry.

I hope to see you there.

Malory Davies

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