Driver shortage will hit UK pockets, warns FSDF

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CEO of The Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF), Chris Sturman, has said that “unless there is immediate action, the impact of driver shortages will start to hit the pockets of the people of Great Britain.” The comment follows the publication of a Transport Committee report that found truck driver recruitment and training inadequate.

Driver shortage will hit UK pockets, warns FSDF

Chris Sturman.

“The escalating driver shortage issue is likely to lead to increases in wage costs, which should in reality increase in transport costs, as both own account and logistics service supply vehicle operators pull out all the stops to recruit, train and retain drivers,” said Sturman. “These additional costs are not likely to be able to be counter by higher productivity and consequently will have to be passed down the supply chain and will ultimately be covered by the consumer whether buying products in the retail sector, but also in wholesale and foodservice, with restaurants, caterers, pubs and clubs being affected. The cost of a night out may rise considerably!”


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