Euro materials handling production value on the rise – FEM

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According to figures by the European Federation of Materials Handling (FEM), European materials handling production value increased by 5.5 per cent at 58.8bn euros.

European materials handling production value grew under the combined effect of a vigorous domestic demand (+11 per cent at 32.2bn euros) and dynamic repair & maintenance (+18 per cent at 9.7bn euros). Net production value increased by three per cent at 49.1bn euros. This general increase confirms the results communicated by industrial trucks1 and puts an end to 2 years of decrease. Production value is now back at its 2005 level. Exports recorded a 4.8 per cent drop at 21.8bn euros (2011 level) although they grew by 12 per cent with the main trade partner, the US. Exports saw their share in production value fall to 44.4 per cent (against 48.6 per cent the year before). Imports practically stagnated (+2 per cent at 5bn euros) and maintained their share in domestic demand (15.5 per cent).

“The rebound of the domestic demand is very good news though it remains at 2/3 of its peak level of 2007” said FEM Secretary General Olivier Janin. “Let us hope it is confirmed in 2015 together with the increase in production value so that we can at last record two consecutive years of growth since the 2008 crisis.”

1 +9 per cent order intake of industrial trucks – source FEM Product Group Industrial Trucks, factsheet 2014

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