Eurotunnel orders three more freight shuttles

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Eurotunnel has ordered three new freight shuttles, costing €40 million, to add to the 15 in its existing fleet.

This will increase capacity by 20 per cent and enable Eurotunnel to run up to eight departures an hour at peak, compared to six currently.

Eurotunnel has set a target of transporting two million trucks a year in 2020. It expects demand to increase on the strait of Dover routes over the coming years as a result of economic growth in the UK and a concentration on the shortest cross channel routes resulting from environmental constraints.

The order with WBN Waggonbrau Niesky is for three shuttles, each 800 metres long, with 32 carrying wagons, 3 loader wagons and a carriage to transport the truck drivers.


The new shuttles will be fully interoperable with the existing shuttles. Delivery is set for the end of 2016 and early 2017.

Eurotunnel is also investing €30 million in the expansion of the terminals in Folkestone and Coquelles which will ensure the fluidity of traffic across the Eurotunnel site.

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