Government plans to update HGV road user levy

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The government is planning to update the HGV road user levy. It will launch a call for evidence on updating the existing scheme this spring.

Operation Stack lorry park gets go aheadIt said it wanted to work with industry to update the Levy so that it rewards hauliers that plan their routes efficiently, to incentivise the efficient use of roads and improve air quality.

Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett welcomed the idea of a consultation process to realign the levy, but said the progress was much too slow.

“Foreign operators enter UK with tanks filled with cut-price diesel, they never fill up here and do more jobs than they are legally allowed. Yet the UK authorities do nothing. We need a rapid review and decisive action – or else UK hauliers will continue to be treated as second class citizens by our own Government. It’s not fair and is damaging haulage business competitiveness.

“The Chancellor’s refusal to raise the Road User Levy with an offsetting reduction in VED is a green light for EU hauliers to carry on attacking our industry and getting away without paying their dues for the upkeep of our road network.”

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