Hermes refutes insurance allegations

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Hermes has categorically refuted allegations that it has cut corners by not ensuring that drivers inform insurance companies that they are using their vehicle for business purposes.

Trade union GMB, which made the allegations, said that it is seeking clarification from the Association of British insurance in “relation to illegal and unsafe insurance practices”. The parcel carrier said that it has been in contact with the association and “satisfied their enquiries”.

The company also said: “Every courier that delivers for Hermes is required to have insurance for their vehicles and where this does not include ‘commercial use’ they are covered by our Group scheme.

“This is charged for at 55p a day but only for the days that service is provided on behalf of Hermes. Hermes does not profit from this.

“The group scheme is for third party insurance, in respect of use of the vehicles on Hermes business and satisfies legal requirements for motor insurance.

“Couriers are also free to make their own commercial insurance arrangements and/or ‘opt out’ of the group scheme if they are already covered, are providing service for other courier companies or wish to have fully comprehensive cover.

“This is made extremely clear when couriers start to provide services for Hermes and copies of all insurance documents are checked.”

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