IBS rebrands

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International Business Systems (IBS) is rebranding as Iptor Supply Chain Systems, saying this reflected the company’s aim of helping distribution-focused organisations solve complex order management and fulfilment challenges in a world where exceptions are the rule.

It has carried out some research which found that for many distribution businesses, about 90 per cent of processes and orders are routine. The other 10 per cent, which are the exceptions, special requirements, and one-offs, can ‘wreak havoc on the business if not managed properly.’

CEO Jayne Archbold said: “The idea of ruling the exception was born out of customer research.  Over 1,250 distribution businesses use our products and services to manage their operations. They operate in many sectors and in 40 countries yet they consistently tell us that a key challenge is handling the 10% of non-standard orders and added-value services that differentiate their offering.  Without good systems support, these exceptions can disrupt established workflows and eat into operating margins.  We partner with customers to help them not just manage, but rule the exceptions.  We help them reduce complexity, improve efficiency and accuracy and we give them real time visibility across all their operations.”

He added: “Today, over 17% of our customers use our cloud services. And our expertise in cloud and managed services means that we can help customers integrate with their partners, upstream and downstream, and adapt quickly to new opportunities.  It means that our customers can focus on their core business, and those exceptions, while we take care of infrastructure and connectivity.  We are a full service partner, dedicated to helping customers solve their most complex order management and fulfilment challenges.”


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