Inadequate forklift inspections compromising safety, says RTITB

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Inadequate pre-use forklift inspections are compromising safety, RTITB has warned.

“Every forklift truck operation should begin with a pre-use inspection,” said Nick Welch, technical director, RTITB. “However, these checks are often conducted incorrectly, or overlooked completely.

“This poses a serious safety risk both to lift truck operators and others around them.”

According to research by the accrediting body, 65 per cent of forklift operators didn’t know how to correctly conduct the driving and braking pre-use check. 49 per cent did not know how to check the operators seat properly, and 48 per cent were unaware how to suitably check the mast.

“Compared to efficiency or practical driving skills, pre-use inspection is the area in which drivers are performing most poorly,” said Nick. “To improve safety and reduce risk, employers must deliver training that ensures operators are skilled and competent to inspect the equipment. Supervisors should also ensure that pre-use inspections are taking place, and highlight their importance in everyday operations.”

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