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Planned London low emission zone

The FTA has described Transport for London’s initial ideas for a London-wide Low Emission Zone (LEZ) as a “hammer to crack a nut”.

Swiss activity

This month acquisition activity has focused around global Swiss logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel International.


Inventory management used to be about lean systems and JIT but accurate real time information is now more essential as demand-driven supply networks come on-stream. Perhaps one day, stock-outs really will be consigned to history.

Keeping stock of picking errors

One such company benefiting from Exel’s innovative supply chain thinking is Selfridges, the leading UK department store retailer.

Tomorrow’s weld

The engineering sector is late on the supply chain bandwagon but the challenge of low cost overseas manufacturing means logistics is fast moving up the agenda. What does the future hold?

Increase in intermodal freight transport

The Marco Polo scheme supports commercial initiatives that stimulate the competitiveness of combined transport, and promote companies to look beyond exclusively road transport.

George Hadley

‘Managing a business is really about managing the supply chain,’ says the global operations director of De La Rue Cash Systems.

Ex-Matalan site refurbished

South 62, a major warehouse and distribution facility at Warrington vacated by Matalan, is undergoing substantial refurbishment, says property consultant King Sturge.

Time to cut the red tape

In recent weeks I have been able to meet a broad cross-section of European logistics professionals during the autumn round of conferences in Central and Western Europe.