Saturday 24th Feb 2018 - Logistics Manager

Look out for the April issue

The April 2017 edition of Logistics Manager is now out in print and online. It is also available on iPad and Android.

LM1704cover w340Cover story: Everyone’s tail is growing
Forecasting demand, and then balancing it with supply chain capabilities, has never been straightforward – there was no Golden Age when the customer’s economic order quantity bore any resemblance to the manufacturer’s economic batch quantity…

Order picking: Fuel for thought
The decision by four of the world’s leading cities to ban diesel vehicles is fuelling the drive to develop alternative technologies for distribution operations..

Intermodal: Modish response to ‘new normal’
Changes to global trading patterns are driving development of multimodal and intermodal logistics solutions, both within Europe and on the New Silk Road.

Reach trucks: Rising to the challenge
Restricted space and faster fulfilment equals huge pressure in the warehouse, but reach trucks are up to the challenge…

West Midlands: Price of popularity
The West Midlands has the most diverse range of occupiers of any region in the UK, but what does this mean for the logistics industry?

Rail: Let the train take the strain…
Just how quickly could there be a network of interlinked strategic rail freight terminals in the UK?

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