RHA ‘extremely concerned’ about Calais

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The RHA has voiced on-going concerns about the so-called ‘migrant crisis’ at Calais. The RHA said that it was extremely concerned about the number of French riot police at the port – claiming they were ‘massively outnumbered’ by migrants.

The trade association said that French riot police are outnumbered 18.1 when there ‘300 operating at any one time.’ It claimed that the already limited effectiveness of existing security is ‘decreasing’ as the number of migrants increase.

Richard Burnett, RHA’s chief executive said: “Even if the entire security contingent was to be deployed at any one time, the ratio would still be hard pressed to cope at 5:1,

“The level of security currently in place barely scratches the surface of the problem. It’s therefore hardly surprising that recent days have seen incidents of violence and attacks on trucks far worse than have been seen in recent months. And with Christmas produce still travelling across the Channel, the next few days will inevitably see a concerted push by migrants to reach the UK.”

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