Robotics & Innovation Webinar: Connecting People, Things & Machines

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Logistics Manager’s sister magazine Robotics & Innovation is to host a free-to-attend webinar on 15th December at 2pm (GMT) – where Elo will explain how to make Industry 4.0 a reality in your operation with cutting-edge technology and applications built to solve your biggest industry challenges.

With industries under constant pressure to improve equipment maintenance, simplify processes, improve efficiencies and cut downtime, a growing number of businesses are transforming to take advantage of Industry 4.0.

But to do so, a new set of connected, interactive devices are needed to enable multi-functional, intuitive interfaces. Fortunately, Elo’s touchscreen and compute product portfolio – and particularly its approach to Android – is a key enabler for Industry 4.0, helping to unlock data barriers and position manufacturers as forward-thinking technology leaders who value a data-driven culture where employees feel empowered to make intelligent decisions.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

– How interactive applications accelerate the growth of fully automated processes from commercial kitchens to car factories.
– Why Android is becoming a preferred architecture for the factory floor.
– How Elo’s unified architecture supports digital transformation and smart factories.
– How Elo’s ecosystem of devices are purpose-built to work together and streamline the communications of controls deployed across enterprises.

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Meet the Speakers

Jim Foster
Regional Sales Manager @EloTouch
Jim Foster is one Elo’s Regional Sales Managers covering the UK & Ireland, based in Manchester, UK. Originally starting in tech support and later moving into sales, his background is from the cash processing/payments industry with experience across EMEA. Jim has been with Elo for 2.5 years and focuses on retail, kiosks/OEM, industrial, OEM, kiosks, gaming and retail markets.

Paul Futter
Director of Product Management @EloTouch
Paul Futter is Director of Product Management for Elo’s Components business, based in North Carolina, USA. Paul holds an Electronics Engineering degree from the University of Warwick in the UK and has been with Elo for 9 years. He has held several roles within the R&D and Sales organization, including working on architecture and advanced development. Paul is a technical expert in his field, to say the least, and his experience and product knowledge are heavily relied upon throughout both the OEM sales and R&D teams.

Brian Atwood
Director of Sales @Elo
Brian Atwood is the Director of OEM Sales and Industrial/Gaming Business Development and is based on the East Coast of the US. Brian holds and Electrical Engineering degree from Tufts University and has been with Elo for 7 years. Brian has spent over 20 years holding sales and Product Marketing positions in the Semiconductor Industry and brings his expertise and focus to Elo in the OEM space.

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