Siemens partners with Parmley Graham and AR Controls to produce smart AGVs

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Siemens has partnered with Parmley Graham and AR Controls to manufacture smart automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to meet the growing demand in logistics.

The design, build, and manufacture of the AGVs are a result of collaboration with Gateshead-based Parmley Graham, which specialise in industrial automation, and Sunderland-based AR Control, which specialise in integration and robotics.

Parmley Graham is working collaboratively to support the project through the provision of hardware specifications, organising of kit-formed bills of material, and sourcing of other third-party products for the AGVs. AR Controls is designing and building the new range of AGVs.

The partnership aims to target the growth in the global AGV market, which is expected to double to US$3.72 billion by 2028.

Nick Wilson, Managing Director, Parmley Graham said: “We work in partnership with organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. This collaboration helped produce the AGVs for a burgeoning need to meet efficiencies in warehousing, intralogistics, and logistics across many industries.”

“The UK supply chain market is growing exponentially, and most manufacturers are now investing in technologies to boost their own logistics. AGVs are a crucial part of this investment,” added Brian Holliday, Managing Director, Siemens Digital Industries

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