Stop passing the buck on truck stops, says Unite

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Unite the Union has said that a lack of adequate truck stops is resulting in lorry drivers being forced to park in industrial estates, lay-bys and residential roads without sufficient facilities.

“The government and councils can’t pass the buck when it comes to truck stops,” said Unite national officer for road transport, Adrian Jones. “The lack of facilities has massive health and wellbeing consequences for drivers.

“The lack of truck stops and councils closing lay-bys means that drivers are increasingly being forced to park in entirely unsuitable locations, which is bad for them and bad for the local environment.

“The DfT’s approach to fining drivers who park outside of truck stops is simply putting a plaster on a gaping wound. No driver should be expected to spend their 45-hour break in their cab.  Proper facilities are vital to this important industry.

“The free market approach to providing truck stops has been a miserable failure and we urgently need central government to provide funding and to require local authorities to provide adequate driver facilities.”

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