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There is a strong correlation between sustainability and the future supply chain of the consumer products and retail industry, according to a new study by the Global Commerce Initiative together with Capgemini.

Many companies are now using so-called e-procurement implementations to facilitate catalogue-based buying of indirect materials, such as office supplies. This is fine, but the savings on these types of deployments are rarely substantial. Shaving pennies

Things are changing. Top retailers are facing far more sophisticated challenges within their supply chains following the wide adoption of multi-channel strategies to market. No longer is it a matter of picking cases or pallet loads for a typical store

According to property pundits across Europe, despite a more subdued level of activity around the world following the recent tangle in the finance markets, occupiers of warehousing are looking at increasing rent levels.

If supply chain practice ever needs a fashionable rebranding, we could do worse than style ourselves ”risk managers”, for in these economically and politically febrile times, managing and mitigating risk is an increasing part of what we do

In stark contrast to the strong rating of the significance of green issues to the development of the business only 23 per cent measure the carbon footprint of their products Over the last decade outsourcing the manufacturer of goods to distant, low-cost

Decisions about the location and design of warehouses are critical to shaping modern supply chains, but without effective warehouse management systems to run them they cannot possibly operate efficiently

Healthcare is a highly political subject. When the UK’s NHS outsourced its supply chain to a logistics services company close scrutiny ensued. But the stakes are high – assurances were given that savings of €127million would bemade each year for ten years