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Honda goes renewable with fuel cell forklifts

A research effort involving Briggs Equipment and Honda has seen the development a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck that relies entirely on renewable energy sources

High technology

Lift truck technology is moving ahead at a remarkable pace, driving  lift heights higher and re-charging times lower – and at a fraction of what we have come to expect. By Nick Allen.

Power lifts

For years, the choices of motive power for forklifts have been well defined. But new technologies mean that the range of options is expanding. So, asks Malory Davies, what are the advantages for the buyers?

EnerSys introduces new battery management system

EnerSys has launched a new battery status indicator, the Hawker BS140, to enable customers to manage battery fleets for warehouse trucks and other mechanical handling equipment more efficiently

DHL races through the logistics green light

Electric car racing series, the FIA Formula E Championship, has named DHL as the logistics supplier for its championship series, which starts in September 2014

From Zero to Hero

Painstaking work is underway to ensure the success of the logistics redeployment from Afghanistan, says Liza Helps, following criticism of the MoD’s supply chain set-up in 2011