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Risk index at an 18 month low

The news is full of conflict at the moment – conflict in Gaza, in Iraq and the Ukraine. And then there is the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. So it would be reasonable to assume that supply chain risk is increasing

Transport prices on the rise

Times have been tough, economically, across much of Europe for the past few years, and it is hardly surprising that many countries saw big protest votes in the elections for the European parliament which have just taken place

From Shenzen with love

A problem with James Bond’s car is guaranteed to get the attention of the popular press. Maybe the indicators no longer drop down in time when machine guns fire. Or could it be a problem with the ejector seat?

Planning for the unknown

Successful business decisions rely on good planning and accurate information. The problem is the more distant the planning horizon the more ‘unknowns’ enter the equation. But are there ways of mitigating the risks associated with those unknowns? Nick Alle

Trains, planes and chains

Hornby is a well-loved brand, and watching the company struggle with supply chain problems in China has been a painful experience for all of us whose childhood toys included its model trains, aeroplanes, and Scalextric sets

Time to take the broad view

Companies must take a wider view of supply chain sustainability, according to the latest report produced by Accenture for the Carbon Disclosure Project

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