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Stormy Monday

Honda’s UK car manufacturing plant at Swindon has been a tremendous success since it was first established in 1986. Some 3,000 people now work at the plant producing almost 5,000 Civic, CRV and Jazz models every week. But not last week

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What’s in a name?

First there was multi-channel. Then there was omni-channel. And now there is cross-channel. You know that a market is in a process of change when terms are being coined so rapidly

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Dedicated to risk reduction

One of the UK’s leading food retailers last week announced that it was starting to produce all its frozen beef from its own dedicated production facility – not only ensuring full traceability but also giving it one of the shortest supply chains in the sec


How to spot a fake

Any discussion of supply chain risk tends to focus on such things as natural disasters and supplier failures

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