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Supply chain risk falls for third straight quarter

Global supply chain risk fell for the third straight quarter to 80.3, down from 81.3 in the second quarter, according to the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Risk Index powered by Dun & Bradstreet.

No time for bluff and bluster

EU and UK negotiators are meeting today (Thursday) in an effort to get the Brexit negotiations back on track against a background of mounting evidence of the damage that is now being done to supply chains by the uncertainty being created.

A vital cog in the wheel

Is packaging keeping up with the rest of the logistics process when it comes to technology? Alexandra Leonards explores the new technologies arriving in the market, and examines some of the biggest challenges being faced by packaging companies.

Adroitly automated

Forklift trucks are not only getting cleverer, the cost of sophisticated technologies is coming down. But buyers still have to think hard about the options available. Malory Davies reports.

Stay cool and carry on

The importance of the temperature controlled logistics sector is highlighted by the fact that the velocity of its operations is increasingly being adopted in ambient grocery. But the sector is facing challenges of its own. Malory Davies reports.

Buyer beware

The challenges in sourcing and procurement have been mounting with the move to on-shoring, the impact of Brexit, and the potential to use artificial intelligence. Sam Tulip analyses the key factors…

Pushed to the limit

The ever-changing retail market is pushing packaging to its limits. Alexandra Leonards explores the peaks and troughs of package design for omni-channel.

Time to talk

In an ever more globalised world, the often turbulent relationship between supplier and customer has never been more important. Alex Leonards explores the barriers to achieving the perfect supplier-customer partnership and the new role of supplier relationship management.