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Work to start on two urban logistics projects

Construction work on two urban logistics projects is due to start in June, with £15.4m forwarding funding from Urban Logistics, the specialist UK industrial and logistics REIT.

The shape of things to come

The challenges and possible solutions for the warehouses of the future come under scrutiny at our round table sponsored by Gazeley, writes Liza Helps.

Stay cool and carry on

The importance of the temperature controlled logistics sector is highlighted by the fact that the velocity of its operations is increasingly being adopted in ambient grocery. But the sector is facing challenges of its own. Malory Davies reports.


Innovation is the name of the game in the trailer market, as manufacturers respond to dramatic shifts in transport patterns. Malory Davies reports.

Lost in the city

With growing congestion, high emissions and over-population, cities are a particularly difficult space for the logistics industry to navigate. Alexandra Leonards explores some of the strategies being implemented to help logistics find its way…

Sizing down

Online shopping has changed the warehouse needs of the customer. As a crucial part of the warehouse, the loading bay needs to keep up, says Alexandra Leonards.

Van de pays

The market has been booming, but vans have to pay their way with price and payload at the top of the critical list, says Malory Davies.

Stand(ard) and deliver

Is there such a thing as a ‘standard warehouse’ these days? Liza Helps reports.

Today we’re all personal shoppers

From the meticulous handling of goods, to snowballing throughput in the warehouse, home delivery is transforming the culture of order picking. Alex Leonards reports …

The relentless march

The continued growth in e-commerce is putting pressure on levels of demand. Can Europe cope? Liza Helps reports…