Uber’s road speed data now publicly available

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Uber is to allow free access to the road speed data collected by the Uber app in London, New York City, Cincinnati, Seattle and Nairobi via its new Uber Movement web site extension called Uber Movement Speeds.

Uber Movement Speeds provides hourly data on road speeds, covering all types of city roads and streets and is available to download for free. The dataset provides local authorities and transport planners with insight into the city’s transport network, helping to evaluate the impact of infrastructure investments and understand where congestion is occurring.

Movement Speeds is compatible non-profit digital commons SharedStreets and can be combined with pedestrian cyclist data to create additional insights.

All data is aggregated, and individual rider or driver data never disclosed.

“Transport providers such as Uber collect large amounts of data about the use of our cities’ infrastructure,” said Open Data Institute chief executive Jeni Tennison. “Ensuring that others have access to this data – while respecting privacy and commercial confidentiality – is key to tackling the different challenges we face, from congestion in urban environments to climate change.”

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