Wearable scanner launched

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Honeywell has launched wearable device saying, that because it eliminates the need to pick up a handheld scanner, it helps improve scanning times by some five seconds per transaction.

“The 8680i is an always-on, connected mini-mobile device that allows for hands-free operation in areas where workers need to be able to complete tasks without having to hold a separate device,” said Stan Zywicki, general manager of scanning and printing for Honeywell’s Productivity Products business.

The wi-fi-enabled device is worn on one hand and provides workers with a two-button interface and a display of information such as battery status and scan results. Through the API and Wi-Fi connectivity, customisable workflow instructions are provided on the user-facing display. This enables streamlined workflows with a single, ergonomic device to eliminate the need for both a scanner and mobile computer combination.

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