Zupplychain launches online stock database

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Logistics marketplace Zupplychain has launched an online stock database. It is part of the company’s drive for a functional relationship management and operational online portal for pallet storage.

The database will provide a space for customers to provide advance information to warehouses, like pallet quantities, specifications and delivery dates.

Warehouses can then confirm booking in, and will be able to report discrepancies online which will automatically notify the customer. Customers and warehouses can look at status information for individual pallets and aggregated stock.

Customers can view stock across a number of warehouse providers without accessing several provider systems or off-line enquiry.

“The stock database has been an integral part – possibly the central part – of the Zupplychain vision since the beginning,” said Martin Elgood, Zupplychain managing director. “Having launched for warehouse registrations in February, and for customer searches in May, we have prioritised and accelerated its development so that warehouses and customers with storage agreements can benefit from it as soon as possible.”

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