Scanner can do 200 scans a second

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The SF51 compact cordless scanner from Intermec Technologies sets new standards for convenience and ease of use in barcode scanning, especially for intensive hands-free applications. No more than 15cm long and only 260 grams in weight, the SF51 fits neatly in the hand and clips quickly into and out of a holster by means of a unique fast-action magnetic attach and release mechanism.

The durable scanner uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect to Intermec terminals including the CV60, CK30 and 700 Series. A USB Bluetooth dongle accessory can be also used to connect multiple scanners to virtually any computer without the need for a base station.

Intermec says that the SF51 is ideal for mobile or vehicle-mounted computers that support scan-intensive applications in transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution, and manufacturing.

The SF51’s linear scan engine can complete 200 scans per second and easily reads poor quality and damaged barcodes from up to 50cm away. A ten-hour battery life delivers more than 5,000 scans, and only needs a one hour recharge to reach 70% battery life. A 70dB speaker emits a clear beep and a vibration also indicates “good read”, to overcome extremely noisy operating environments.

The 30m read range of the SF51 allows users to leave a more expensive host device in their truck these varied case packages with the new COM loading machine. An innovative solution is that all the case packages are “carried” or “pushed” during the entire picking procedure independent of their parameters or packaging types. COM can also pick case packages that cannot otherwise be picked by a system that operates using a suction and gripping technique. This in turn means that a significantly broader range of trade packages can be handled.

The so-called “pack corner” – a steel container enclosed on three sides, where the order pallet is placed in automatically before picking – is used as a support device in the automatic picking of order pallets. The “pack corner” is used to achieve additional stability of the stacked case packages during the entire picking procedure. Together with the order pallet, the “pack corner” is continuously raised to the respective ideal position for taking over the next trade package during the entire fully mechanised pricking procedure. The “pack corner” is used only in the warehouse-internal material flow process.

After the stacking procedure, the order pallets automatically picked by the COM are moved by a pallet conveyor to an integrated wrapping machine, where they are wrapped with foil for transport security and simultaneously separated from the “pack corner”. The now empty “pack corner” is available immediately for return to be fitted again with a fresh empty pallet, the order pallet that is now transport secured is ready for the despatch area.

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