Velocity gives instant live data

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NetDespatch has launched

Velocity, a real-time web booking and tracking solution for use by express transport networks, depots and their customers. It is designed to manage all collections and deliveries across a national or international network, whether franchised, contract or wholly-owned operations. Being entirely web-based, Velocity provided instant access to live information by simply connecting to the Internet.

Velocity is a multimodal solution handling next-day, same-day and international bookings; it can be adapted to support other specialist services such as freight, pallets or even taxis. It provides a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ across the delivery network so everything is handles using a single application; booking and tracking, address management, pricing, automatic depot routeing, performance reporting and labels. A key benefit of the solution is that there are no installation or support costs and it is both easy to use and instantly available.

For those using courier, parcel and other transport services, Velocity is a modern-day replacement for traditional PC-based ‘implant’ systems and offers much more thanks to the web technology on which is based,. Velocity can be accessed from any internet connected PC or device with a web browser and can be offered as an additional service on an existing company website. Customers can the use the service free of charge, whether making one booking a week, or 1,000 a day.

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