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Is there a spy in your supply chain?

I am a regular recipient of emails from someone in West Africa who wants to make me rich – all I have to do is provide a little assistance and my bank account details

It’ll never catch on

Revolting taxi drivers have been bringing London to a halt on a regular basis recently in protest at the arrival of Uber in the city

Are you going to be a winner?

What have the following companies got in common: Jaguar Land Rover, BASF, Primark, Danone Baby Nutrition and Nokia Siemens Networks? They would certainly be counted among Europe’s retailers and manufacturers: more importantly…

Collaboration or confrontation?

Just a couple of weeks ago the Forum of Private Business accused some of the UK’s major corporations of using supply chain finance schemes as a cover for poor payment practice

Transport prices on the rise

Times have been tough, economically, across much of Europe for the past few years, and it is hardly surprising that many countries saw big protest votes in the elections for the European parliament which have just taken place

Supply chain finance – long time coming

Supply chain finance came to the fore as the recession bit. Companies were concerned that suppliers were running into cash flow difficulties, which could in turn threaten the inbound supply chain

Supply Chain Council merger will have global impact

The Supply Chain Council has had a significant impact on supply chain thinking globally as a result of the development of the Supply Chain Operations Reference model. So the news that it is merging with APICS

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