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Channels – not ruts to get stuck in

Some say it started in 1993, while others argue that it was 1984 – and there is even a suggestion that it started in 1979. Whichever is correct, internet shopping has been with us for quite a long time now

Linking growth with supply chain

A link between “superior” supply chain capabilities and revenue growth and profits has been highlighted in a new study by consultants Deloitte

How Tesco is spreading best practice around the world

75 million times a week people visit Tesco to do their shopping. Not just in the UK, of course, but all around the world. Tesco now has a presence in 12 markets including 131 stores in China, 446 in Poland, and 191 in Turkey

Time to think about air cargo

The UK government has got itself into a mess over over aviation strategy. There is a huge need for new airport capacity in the London area – the problem is the impact on the densely-packed communities that would be affected

Essential tool or science fiction nightmare?

The internet has already been responsible for more than one revolution in the way we live and work. Now, the growth of the ‘internet of things’ could have a massive impact on how the supply chain operates

The benefits of sharing

Boots has been using DHL Supply Chain for 15 years so a five year contract renewal is not entirely surprising. What makes this deal particularly interesting is the fact that the retailer is looking for improved efficiency from collaborative initiatives

The movement is the message

When Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “The medium is the message”, he used the example of the railway, pointing out that it did not introduce movement or transport or the wheel into society, but it accelerated and enlarged the scale of previous human fu

Coca Cola brings a sparkle to the supply chain

Global supply chain optimisation is at the heart of a $1 billion programme put in place by The Coca Cola Company following what, by its standards, was a disappointing year in 2013

Time to focus on the supply chain

Jet engine manufacturer Rolls Royce has an order book worth £71.6bn, its underlying sales rose 27 per cent last year and its underlying pre-tax profit was up 23 per cent

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