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Editor’s Blog: Changing customer perceptions… can Yodel pull it off?

Changing someone’s perception of you is exceedingly difficult. I’m old enough to remember that people went crazy for Sunny Delight because it was packed with vitamin C. After some awkward headlines customer perceptions moved 180 degrees. Now you struggle to see it on the shelves.

Welcome to 2020 – is change inevitable?

Happy New Year to all Logistics Manager readers. Here’s to a prosperous and successful 2020. So, what does this year have in store for all logistics professionals? Here are my predictions.

Tesco reduces manual handling incidents by 60pc

Tesco’s nightmare before Christmas?

It’s not very often that a sourcing and procurement story will hit national headlines, but many of you will have read on Sunday the case of the 6-year old girl writing her charity Christmas cards from Tesco and discovering a note that was alleged to have said “Please Help Us.”

Ted Baker is the canary in the coal mine for retail supply chains

When you see the statement “trading over… the Black Friday period was below expectations” you start to pay attention as a journalist in the world of logistics and supply chains. The words Black Friday are normally followed by “particularly busy” (John Lewis); “biggest ever” (Boots) or “record volumes” (DPD).

Innovation, digitisation and automation isn’t easy, but it is essential…

Last week I was lucky enough to visit DHL’s Innovation Centre near Bonn in Germany (it’s one if three sites it has globally, the other two being Chicago and Singapore). If you’re in any way remotely interested in logistics, then you could have a very pleasurable afternoon looking at what the future may hold.

It’s going to take more than Edgar the Dragon to save supply chains this Christmas

It’s that time of year again… when the John Lewis ad hits out TV screens. Queue weeping. John Lewis will be hoping its dragon themed heart-wrencher hits home with shoppers. They’re using the now annual festive fixture to promote Waitrose for the first time. And Waitrose needs it, after its market share slipped by a […]