Sunday 12th Jul 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Editor’s Blog: The perfect storm for property?

Normally the phrase perfect storm, particularly in a business sense, is a convergence of unfortunate events. It’s the perfect storm that leads to some form of economic crash. Yet, right now, for commercial and industrial property in the UK there is a confluence of events happening that will change the market in the UK inalterably.

Editor’s Blog: Propaganda, PR and artificial intelligence

Much to my own personal disappointment I found myself recently drawn into a social media spat regarding politics. Yes… I know. I shouldn’t have done it. I was disappointed in myself and should have risen above it, but sometimes you see something that just pushes your buttons.

Editor’s Blog: Reasons to be Cheerful (Part One)

While it’s easy to write about the negative aspects of the all-consuming global pandemic – such as the substantial disruption to supply chains, or a capacity crunch that threatens e-commerce… my eye was caught by a story on our sister title Citti.