Logistics industry not doing enough to bring in and train talent

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An instant poll by Logistics Manager has found that 82 per cent of those surveyed did not think the industry is doing enough to bring in and train new talent.

The poll on Twitter found that just 18 per cent of respondents felt the industry was doing enough in terms of training and attracting new people.

Our poll supports the findings of the House of Commons Transport Committee, which last week produced a report saying that existing measures are not enough to tackle the shortfall in skilled drivers.

The committee argued that the driver shortage is linked to a shortage of people willing to work in the industry, rather than a shortage of qualified people. It also said that there is no single reason behind the lack of drivers – but that there is a combination of factors that make the job ‘less attractive than it was’.

And it argued that co-operation the transport industry and the government is necessary to beat the deficit in drivers for the haulage industry.

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